Our Story

The popular doughnuts (or 'munkki' in Finnish) made at the Pyynikki observation tower and Keskustori cafeterias are baked on the spot and always served fresh. The secret recipe for the delicacies was created in the 1980's by Eva Suoste, who in the beginning experimented and adapted the recipe to achieve the best result possible. We honor that recipe and use only high-quality domestic ingredients in our doughnuts. The outcome is what many consider to be the best doughnuts in Finland.

Do come taste them and decide for yourself!

People with special diets have been given some consideration at our cafeteria. In addition to the ordinary doughnuts, we always make some that are free of lactose, milk and egg. They taste just as delicious as the regular doughnuts and they are perfectly suitable for people on a vegan diet, among others. The milk on the dough is replaced by oat milk.

Delicious doughnuts from Pyynikki observation tower:

We also sell the doughnuts to go, but to make sure you get what you came for without waiting, please place your order in advance by calling the cafeteria. Especially summer weekends and most holidays can be so busy that due to our limited resources we cannot guarantee a large amount of doughnuts to go without a prior order.