The Pyynikki observation tower is located on top of the world's largest esker over 150 meters (500 feet) above sea level, offering a wonderful view spanning over two lakes and the entire city of Tampere. The beautiful Pyynikki esker surrounding the tower was selected as nationally valuable landscape attraction in 1993. The famous cafeteria at the ground level has been running as a family business for over 30 years.

In 1888, the city of Tampere had a wooden observation tower built on the Pyynikki esker at a location where a caterer by the name of Tallqvist had earlier kept a small villa called Ilomäki. The wooden tower was damaged, however, at the bombardment in the 1918 war. In 1925 it was decided that the lightly constructed and decaying wooden tower would be rebuilt, and raising funds for its construction commenced. The current tower is made out of red granite and it was designed by the assistant town architect at the time, Vilho Kolho. Its construction was completed in 1929 to honor the city's 150th anniversary.

The current over 80-year-old tower is 26 meters (85 feet) tall, and at top there are scenic levels both indoors and out in the open air. The top can be accessed by both elevator and stairs, and the entrance fee is 1 euro for children from 4 to 15 years and 2 euros for anyone older. Even if the height of the tower itself wouldn't feel spectacular, considering its location at the top of the Pyynikki esker in the middle of Tampere it is obvious that the view from the top is clear and magnificent in every direction!